11 Things You Must Avoid to Prevent Acne

You know how every little thing matters in mathematical calculations? Miss a single decimal or add an extra zero and you’ve got the wrong answer. Sometimes, acne prevention for teenagers can feel a lot like doing math. You have to make sure that you’ve got the right teenage acne formula and that you’re not making little mistakes because those mistakes can make a difference.

If you’ve been following the tips from past blog posts, then you’ve already got the routine, the right teenager acne prevention products and the right foods down. If you still have acne break outs, try avoiding these habits or items. Sometimes, that little thing that you miss is enough to throw off your clear complexion.

1. AVOID Thick Moisturizers

It might be tempting to use thick moisturizers for acne prevention if your skin is dry, but these products sit heavy on your skin. Synthetic ingredients are harsh enough, but these thick moisturizers can clog up your pores. Also, avoid using body lotion on your face as much as possible.  Extra hydrating body lotions can contribute to acne breakouts.

2. AVOID Products with Alcohol as an Ingredient

While a thick moisturizer can block your pores, cleansers and toners with alcohol as an ingredient will strip your skin of moisture making your teenage acne treatment very difficult. Moisture may sound like a good thing, but if your skin is dehydrated, your sebaceous glands will try and compensate by making more oil.  More oil means there’s a greater chance you’ll break out.

3. AVOID Extra Hydrating Shampoo and/or Conditioner

This can be difficult, especially for girls with dry, brittle and/or curly hair.  But those thick shampoos and conditioners can definitely make acne treatment very difficult with break outs on your face and even your back! Try looking for shampoos that are hypoallergenic and are non-comedogenic.  If you must use these extra hydrating shampoo and conditioners, make absolutely sure to wash every bit of the product from your face and your body.

4. AVOID Wearing Make Up

Acne Prevention may be difficult due to hormones in teenage girls, but wearing make up can definitely make things worse.  If you can, try not to wear make up. If you must use make up for big events, use oil-free and/or water-based cosmetics.  Pay special attention to the ingredients list and avoid the ingredients that you know will make you break out even more.

5. AVOID Oily Hair

Having oily hair is almost the same as using extra hydrating shampoos and conditioners.  The oil in your hair will seep into your skin and cause blockages in your pores. Wash your hair once every other day if you have dry, brittle or curly hair and once everyday if you have normal or oily hair. Sometimes the little things you do to prevent acne give you the biggest results.

6. AVOID Oily Glasses

For teenage girls sporting chic spectacles, make sure to clean it at least once a week. These glasses sit on our faces for hours throughout the day. Naturally, the oil on your skin and the dirt in your environment will stick to the lenses and frame. 

7. AVOID Dirty Cell Phones

Like glasses, cell phones are items we use everyday. Even worse, smart phones like iPhones or Blackberries are phones that we touch with our fingers all the time. Dirt and bacteria accumulate on these surfaces. Unless the manufacturer’s manual says otherwise, you can clean your phone by using a tiny amount of alcohol on a cotton ball.

8. AVOID Tight-Fitting Clothing

If you are a teenage girl with acne on your body, avoid wearing tight clothes. Tight clothes chafe and can further irritate your skin by cutting circulation and overheating your body. Also, if you wear tight clothes and clothes that are sweat-stained (i.e. a football helmet or a baseball cap), the dirt will rub against your skin and make acne prevention impossible. 

9. AVOID Stress

You know how you seem to get acne right before a big date or an exam? That probably means that your teenage acne condition is caused in part by stress.  As a teenager, it’s hard to avoid stress completely.  Instead, try a stress-relieving activity everyday.  Good choices include hiking, walking your dog and making sure you get a good night’s sleep. 

10. AVOID Sharing Towels or Clothing

Most teenage girls probably don’t share towels or clothes but for those teens who have siblings? It might be a problem. All the care and acne prevention in the world isn’t going to mean a thing if you share towels or clothing with siblings who probably don’t pay as much attention as you do on your skin. As much as possible, keep clothing and towels that make contact with your face to yourself.

11. AVOID Greasy and Spicy Food

The saturated fat in these food clogs up your pores (they are called white heads) and then your sweat glan cannot excrete the sweat (which carries the toxins) then infection begins and that’s how a pimple is formed.

For those of you teenage girls with acne who love their delicious Greasy and/or Spicy food such as Bacon, KFC, Pizza, Cake, Choclate, Ice Cream, Sriracha etc. I’m not say you cannot eat them period, but do it in high moderation. Just like going on a diet for weight loss, have a cheat day and get your cravings out of the way.


Fighting acne in teenage girls can be a long, difficult and very frustrating process.  Your acne can clear up and then break out all over again even though it doesn’t seem as if you’ve changed a thing in your routine.  Before you seek medical help, make absolutely sure that you’ve controlled all the different factors.  No one knows your skin better than you and in the end, it’s the choices that you make that will help clear up your skin.