About Us

At Lia, our mission is to provide natural skin care solutions tailored to teen and tween girls. Specially formulated for girls, Lia’s skin care products for teenagers are made from natural ingredients, so their delicate skins will not suffer from the harsh chemicals in adult skin care products. The entire skin care solution and system is soothing, non-drying, non-irritating and easy to use.

We also understand that a girl’s self image is very important for the development her self confidence and it’s especially important during the teen and tween age. Pimples, zit breakouts, sun burns, and dry skin doesn’t help their self-esteem. So along with great skin care products for teenagers, we also provide a great community that shares practical and useful information to educate girls and moms about the connection between following a proper skin care routine and having beautiful, clear skin. The community will also provide information to teach and help girls cultivate good skin care habits so they can prevent many skin problems from occurring by taking care of their skin from an early age.


A Personal Note from Anna:

“Hi! I’m Anna, the founder of Lia Skin Care and the proud mom of two beautiful girls. Back when my girls began puberty, they broke out with acne. Worried about their self image, I began to look for skincare solutions. Wanting the only best for my daughters, I’ve tried products from high end organic skincare products to hundred dollar facials. Neither were practical plus they are very harsh for my daughters’ skin, because they are made for adults. After searching high and low, I could not find any skin care products for teenagers, so I’ve decided to make my own skincare remedies for my girls.

After consulting with top dermatologists and doing much research, I came up with my own skincare solutions for my girls. As expected, they provided great results for my girls. Now I want to share this great affordable and natural solution with all girls. 

Sincere Regards