Choose Your Nail Color and We Will Reveal Your Personality

All of us have our favourite color and it shows in so many ways. From the interiors of our house to our nail color choice, one cannot help but choose their favourite color. But did you know that your choices are also a mirror of your personality? Your choices in life say so much about you and it also applies in choosing your nail design. Discover what your favourite color says about your personality:

Nail Color

Neutral Colors

These colors cannot always be seen in the color wheel mostly because of their earthy tone. These colors include beige, cream, ivory, white, grey, brown and natural wood. These colors always denotes clean and neat look and it is perfect for any office environment and it is appropriate for any season or occasion. Wearing this shade indicates that you are professional and you are the type of person who wants to put things together.


One of the color that is hard to ignore. Red nail polish conveys confidence and wearing one will make you stand out. The classic shade that can be worn to almost season and by far the most loved tone by several women including Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson.


Wearing this color is like giving people the impression that you are the type of person that put time and effort to your appearance since white manicure often shows cracks and chips easily.

Bare or Transparent

Not all girls want to paint their nails with bright colors, some wants to keep it bare. Keeping a clear shellack doesn’t always mean like you don’t care, it’s more of saying I care but I am pressed with time.

Neon Nails

Neon is a color that signifies youth and it is synonymous to spontaneity. This bright color is hard to pull since it can look cheap when it is not done right.


Black polish works the same way as black clothing. It conveys power and authority. Wearing this often sends a message to other people that you are not the one to be messed with. We get it that you want to stay in your element but there are other colors that could look just as sleek like navy blue or gray. You might want to try this as an alternative. Just sayin.


Nude is becoming a trend lately, from lipsticks to clothing and now to nail polish. This color conotates low maintenance but it looks very pretty when done correctly.

Artistic Designs

Monotone nails can sometimes get boring so once in a while we also want to try artistic nails. Artistic design sparks creativity. A daring manicure tells people you’re not afraid of taking risks and that you value your individuality. It also shows that you’re willing to spend time at the salon.

Whatever nails color you wear, it only boils down to one thing. Our nails are a canvass that we can decorate however way we want it and it is one way to show people the kind of person we are. Feel free to paint it to express your personality and no one will ever judge you for doing that.