Achieve Salon-Like Mani-Pedi Look with SNS Nails Supply

Ideally, mani-pedi should be done every two weeks but with our busy schedules and sometimes the cost of getting it done in a salon leads us to stretching it up to a month or more. This decision puts our hands and feet in danger of achieving a not so likeable status for our nails. But did you know that simply by having the right arsenal of easy-to-use products that you can get from nail supply stores and a combination of old-fashioned TLC, you can now take care of your nails in your own home. You can wear any nail colours and change it every day as you like it. Solve common mani-pedi problems with these few strategies:

SNS Nails

Get Rid of Discoloured Spots

If you are the type who leaves your polish in your nails for weeks or months, we hope you realize that it is not a good idea especially on your feet if you are always wearing shoes. It deprives your nails of air increases the risk of fungal infections, which can leave you with unsightly yellow or white blotches on nail beds.  Avoid having discoloured nails by removing all polish, and then using a fine buffing block to smooth down and renew the surface of nails.  You can get all nail beauty supply that you can use at home from sns nails supply.

Check the Ingredients

Certain ingredients in certain nail polishes cause visible toenail damage. But lately ore and more brands are offering healthier options that are 3-free (made without dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde) or 5-free (which add formaldehyde resin, and camphor to the 3-free list)—with color selections rivaling traditional polishes. DTK has wide variations of wholesale nail supplies that you can choose from that are safe for your nails and your pocket.

Deal with your ingrown nails and know how to prevent it

You might have a long-candle like fingers or a closet filled with shoes to die for but ill-fitting footwear is one of the most common causes of painful ingrown toenails. To keep yourself from having ingrowns, first make sure to clip toenails straight across, rather than curving deeply on the sides, doing this will keep you from having a painful toe as well as having unwanted ingrown. In the event that you get an ingrown nail and the pain is driving you insane, use the pointed end of a metal nail file to push a small piece of cotton under the nail in the corner that’s affected. The snail wedge between the nail and skin will alleviate the pain. Changing the cotton every other day until you feel better is also a good idea. It will also help lift the nail and have it grow above the skin edge.

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